• Windows Pro LPA Bonus
  • Windows Pro LPA Bonus

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Earn extra spending money on your LPA Visa™ with a $20 LPA BONUS* on eligible premium Topseller™ Windows 10 Pro devices.

You could earn extra spending money with a BONUS $20 LPA conveniently put on to your LPA Visa™ card when you purchase eligible premium Topseller™ Window 10 Pro devices. This $20 LPA BONUS is on top of your standard LPA resulting in up to $70/unit LPA (for eligible X1 Carbon and Yoga). Take advantage of this great offer and start selling more so you can earn more!

Choose from the following eligible Topseller™ models:
ThinkPad X260, X1 Carbon, X1 Yoga, T460, T460p, T560, T460s laptops and ThinkCentre M900 SFF, M900 Tiny desktops, M900z and X1 AIOs with Windows 10 Professional operating systems.
Eligible for all purchase dates 1st January – 30th June 2017.

*T470, T470p, T470s, T570 and X270 Topseller™ models.
Eligible for all purchase dates 1 March – 30 June 2017.

**M700 and M710 Topseller™ desktops now added!
Eligible for all purchase dates 1 May 2017 – 30 June 2017

Be sure to register your claims to earn your $20 LPA BONUS.

Standard LPA Program Conditions apply.


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